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Dr Steers and the staff at Alma Vet Connection are the best. The care and consideration given provides peace of mind knowing my fur babies are in the best possible hands when care is needed. Noelle ,Hercules and mom! thank Dr. Steers and the staff for taking such good care of us ❤️

Lisa K.

Amazing service, vet was fabulous and very attentive. Staff was amazing and gave me all I needed to know and very caring. Love this place!
Magaly H.

Dr. Steers is the absolute best vet ands down! The amount of care, compassion, and thoroughness she gives my fur baby every visit is invaluable. Her facility is always clean and well kept. I recommend everyone I know to her. Thank you Alma Vet Connection!!!
Alana B.

An excellent veterinary clinic offering dual modalities to treat your pet. Dr. Steers is knowledgeable, compassionate and thorough!
Randie B.

Dr. Seers and her staff were able to accommodate us last minute on a Friday afternoon for our puppy’s limping leg to be evaluated. They were kind and inviting. Dr. Seers spent time reviewing details with us and was very thorough. Great experience!
Jessica P.

Dr. Steers and Maya helped my sweet baby Sammy find her way to the rainbow bridge with compassion and patience. They comforted my broken heart.
Debbie B.

Dr. Steers at Alma Vet Connection is wonderful. She is fairly new in the area and has taken over Dr. Oberg’s practice. She just saved my Labradoodle’s life with her totally accurate diagnosis of a huge mass on his spleen. She directed us to the emergency hospital for more testing, called all the info to them before we arrived and my fur baby was operated on within 24 hours by an amazing surgeon and had a 10-pound mass and his spleen removed! Dr. Steers was 100% spot on about everything she told me and very upfront about the seriousness of the situation and what the outcome might be. I was overjoyed to find out there was no cancer and he is now home happier than ever and enjoying his life like before. Dr. Steers and her staff have been very kind and caring as well.
Caren G.

I have two cats that are rescues, and I’ve only had them for ten months. I worried about taking them to the vet because of their history, and they were both really upset going to the vet, but when we left after their appointment, they were totally fine. I was so surprised, and I attribute their great visit to the fact that they were so gently handled by the doctor and all the staff. They both had exams and chips implanted, and I got two applications worth of topical flea and tick preventative for each cat. The gentle handling included using a topical anesthetic (a numbing cream on their necks) before they did the implant. The cats never made a squeak. Most vets I’ve gone to seem to manhandle the animals to make sure the appointment is as short as possible. I was so happy with Dr. Steers and her staff that I am now a loyal and grateful owner with two happy, healthy cats.
Ginny M.

Dr. Rebecca Steers and her whole team are amazing!! They are professional and truly caring for their patients and the patient’s owners. They possess world-class medical skills and treat the animals with tenderness and affection from the time they are placed in their care.

We are pleased to recommend Dr. steers and her very classy team to all who want the best outcome possible for their much loved furry friends.

Bill K.

Dr. Steers and her team are incredible. They’re patient, caring, professional, and knowledgeable. My dog has been seeing Dr. Steers for over 4 years now, and he is very aggressive towards strangers. She makes us feel welcome, at ease, and that everything is under control. I cannot imagine using any other vet for my anxious boy.
Caitlin M.

“Caring, knowledgeable, great communication”

My Finn gets very scared at the vet but Dr. Steers is the best. She knows exactly what to do to make Finn feel comfortable. Dr. Steers and her staff are kind and patient. They always explain everything and will follow up the next day. 10/10 recommend!
Isa S.

I have to have a fear free certified veterinarian because my dog Tanya is afraid of the whole world. Dr. Steers and Zoe are the best at being calm and patient with her. They never rush and let her take breaks in between procedures. This is an amazing clinic.

Monique R.

Dilligent and knowledgeable Vet. Support staff and vet techs are amazing, especially zoe. Sweet and helpful and so good with my dog.
Jim W.

Dr. Streers and extremely knowledgeable and compassionate when it comes to her patients and their humans. She always makes sure to fully understand what is going on with the animal and will go above and beyond to provide them with the best care.
Alexandra D.

Dr. Steers and Jennifer are so compassionate and caring! We had to bring in our sweet kitty Rio who was 17 and very sick. They were extremely compassionate and comforting for a very difficult time. Our sweet Rio is now in heaven with her brother and no longer in pain. Thank you so much Dr Steers and Jennifer!
Colleen K.

Very friendly, professional and clear with the information.
Esther C.

Dr. Steers and the amazing staff at Alma Vet Connection took incredible care of my baby. They were very responsive and made sure my kitty was seen right away. Alma Vet Connection also has a pharmacy department on-site, and we were able to go home with meds and instructions to help our baby recover. Our kitty was very calm and had no stress, thanks to Dr. Steers’s team’s fear-free approach!!! An overall great experience, and we’ll make sure to bring all of our pets to Alma Vet Connection from now on.
Matthew G.

Dr. Steers was able to fit our sick kitty in last minute on a very busy day! She took time away from her day to make sure we understood how to best care for our baby and made amazing recommendations about his dental hygiene. We highly recommend Dr. Steers and her amazing FEAR FREE approach and patience and will most definitely bring continue to bring our pets to Alma Vet Connection.
Maya M.

My dog has had acupuncture with Alma Vet, and he is doing great. It has helped his back and tummy. The Doctor has been wonderful and always calls to make sure he is doing ok. What a pleasure to have a Doctor that is so caring for her patients.
Elaine B.

I have 4 dogs: 2 golden sisters and 2 smaller mixed breed pups. All 4 have seen Dr. Steers for their physicals already, and one of my little guys had his teeth cleaned yesterday. Dr. Steers and the staff at Alma have provided excellent service and are so friendly. During the dental cleaning, Dr. Steers called me to update throughout and discuss options for questionable teeth that didn’t necessarily have to be extracted. She has an amazing new dental X-ray machine that allows her to see the roots to allow her to make those decisions. I can’t say enough to recommend this practice. They really care about our animals and just add that extra special touch that will keep us going back!
Lisa A.

“[Dr. Steers] is the MOST amazing Vet I have ever had. She is patient and very kind. Her care and love for animals and their humans are unmatched. I would recommend her without hesitation.”

[I would recommend this practice because of] “the compassion of the vet I dealt with in my dog’s time of crisis.”

“[Dr. Steers] is compassionate and intelligent. She really enjoys her work.”

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