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If you want personalized veterinary care that honors your connection with your pet, we’re the right team for you.

Benefit from our team’s knowledge of integrated veterinary medicine.

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We’re here to help you provide your pet’s best life through Western and Traditional Chinese approaches to veterinary medicine.

Complete Veterinary Care in Wellington, FL

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Pet Acupuncture

Pets can get acupuncture too! This therapy can be used to help manage pain and stimulate healing.

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Pet Dentistry & Surgery

We offer diagnostic technologies to ensure your pet receives top-notch care in all surgical and dental procedures.

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Pet Advanced Medicine

Our expert medical team is highly skilled in diagnosing and treating conditions that can affect your pet’s internal organs and bodily systems.

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Pet Wellness & Geriatric Care

Preventative care is the first step in pet health. Routine wellness checks help catch potential health changes early!

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What’s in the name?

What’s in a name? For us, there is meaning behind the words that we speak and the name that we have…


In Spanish, our founder’s second language, “alma” has many meanings. You may know the most common translation to English is “spirit.” Alma, however, speaks not only of our spirits but those of our patients and clients. We are all individuals that bring a unique vitality and enthusiasm as we care for each other. To lead with Alma is to acknowledge the parts of us that help us feel and better understand each other.


“Are you a vet?” The term may seem self-explanatory, but if you’ve ever asked someone that question, did you mean a veterinarian or a veteran? Our founder is proud to be both, and she doesn’t mind a little wordplay!


Connections are everywhere, especially in veterinary medicine. Between us and our pets. Between people. Between the organs and systems that make up the body. Between the approaches that we can take to treat an individual patient. The list goes on. Here at Alma Vet Connection, we recognize that you want more than a place to bring your pet. You want a connection with the people providing care for your pet. We want that too.

Meet Our Veterinary Team

Dr. Rebecca Steers

Dr. Rebecca Steers became a veterinarian because she wanted to help people, with the bonus of helping animals too! Dr. Steers is the proud owner of Alma Vet Connections, a woman-owned, veteran, and family-owned business committed to providing exceptional veterinary care. Her clinic is Fear Free affiliated, ensuring that every pet receives stress-free and comfortable care. Dr. Steers practices both conventional Western veterinary medicine and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine, so you can benefit from her belief that the more tools she has to help her patients, the better. Having graduated from Boston College with a degree in Spanish literature, she loves being bilingual because it’s another way to connect with pet owners.

Dr. Rebecca Steers

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